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Irrigation  (Commercial & Residential)

An irrigation system can be designed to your exact size and specifications.

An in-ground system is designed to run off a main water line, directly connected to a structure's water source, operating through a programmable timer connected to a 110 power supply with a backup battery.

This timer can run automatically or can be operated manually according to budgetary and site needs.

PVC pipe installation can either be trenched or plowed in with minimal damage to the existing site/turf.

Branching off the main line run various lateral lines creating a grid pattern to which appropriate size heads are evening installed.

Different type heads can be adjusted to utilize desired water flow, distance and coverage.

If an automatic irrigation system is not feasible either due to budget or water pressure restrictions, is there an alternative?

Yes, we distribute a portable traveling sprinkler unit call a "Micro Rain" which can be automatically programmed to move across its designated area by itself or can be manually operated and moved. 

The "Micro Rain" is available in various sizes to utilize different watering needs. 

Simply hook it up to a supply hose or quick coupler attached to an existing water source, adjust its speed and walk away!

When watering is completed, easily transport to a secure location.

The "Micro Rain" is proudly made in the U.S.A.

These units are available to purchase or if your need is short term, rentals can be arranged.

Some frequently asked questions:

Q:  Do I have to pay sewage fees?   (Answer:  No, not if a credit or deduct meter is installed.)

Q:  What if it rains, will the system still run?  (Answer: No, a rain sensor can be installed to sense wet weather.)

Q:  Do I need a back flow?  (Answer: Yes, most municipalities require a back flow with yearly testing. Inquiry should be made.)

Q:  Can more than one system run off the same timer?  (Answer: Yes, a larger timer can be utilized controlling many zones.)

Q:  How will an in-ground system weather cold temperatures?  (Answer: The system will need to be pressure-drained in the fall.)